# Overview

Fixtures are pre-defined, reusable test abstractions. The fixtures provided by the Eventide toolkit bring a high level of ease, consistency, and guidance to testing the full extent of the parts of a solution, including handlers, projections, writers, entities, and messages.

# Fixtures

The Eventide toolkit provides a comprehensive set of fixtures to facilitate and expedite the implementation of automated tests.

# Libraries

The fixtures are grouped into three namespaces and libraries.

# Messaging::Fixtures

Gem Name


Loading the Library

require 'messaging/fixtures'

GitHub: https://github.com/eventide-project/messaging-fixtures

# EntityProjection::Fixtures

Gem Name


Loading the Library

require 'entity_projection/fixtures'

GitHub: https://github.com/eventide-project/entity-projection-fixtures

# Schema::Fixtures

Gem Name


Loading the Library

require 'schema/fixtures'

GitHub: https://github.com/eventide-project/schema-fixtures

# TestBench

Fixtures in Eventide are implemented using the TestBench test framework.

A fixture is just a plain old Ruby object that includes the TestBench API. By including the TestBench::Fixture module into a Ruby object, the object becomes an automated test, no different from a test script that a developer would write in a Ruby file. A fixture acquires all of the methods available to any TestBench test, including context, test, assert, refute, assert_raises, and refute_raises.

Visit the TechBench website for more: http://test-bench.software/