# Eventide for EventStore Setup

The EventStore implementation for Eventide is available as a commercial offering. While the packages and code are freely-available as MIT-licensed open source, they are only supported via commercial support.

# Software Prerequisites

# Installation

# Install Via Bundler

# Gemfile
source 'https://rubygems.org'
gem 'eventide-event_store'

# Target Directory


We recommend against installing any stack or framework into the system-wide gem registry.

Rather than install the Eventide toolkit into the system-wide registry, we recommend that you install the gems into the directory structure of the project that uses Eventide. This is not strictly required, but it's a habit that can help avoid time spent troubleshooting and debugging unintended consequences of having the same library installed in multiples locations in the search path.

The following command installs the gems into a subdirectory named gems of the current directory.

bundle install --path=./gems

For example, if the current directory is my-project, then command above would install the gems into my-project/gems.

All examples of components built using Eventide that are produced by the Eventide Project's team install gem dependencies using Bundler's standalone (opens new window) mode:

bundle install --standalone --path=./gems

# Install Via RubyGems

gem install eventide-event_store --install-dir ./gems