# Example Projects

Eventide example code is hosted on GitHub in the Eventide Examples org:

https://github.com/eventide-examples (opens new window)

# Account Basics

https://github.com/eventide-examples/account-basics (opens new window)

The account basics project is the GitHub repository for the single-file, Service at a Glance example.

It's a great example for getting quick familiarity with all of the basic elements of a service and its component.

# Account Component

https://github.com/eventide-examples/account-component (opens new window)

The account component project demonstrates:

  • Command and event handlers
  • Command idempotence
  • Specialized transaction idempotence using the reservation pattern
  • Expected version concurrency protection
  • Event Sourcing
  • Projections
  • Stores
  • Entity streams
  • Category streams
  • Command streams
  • Replying to external services
  • Client library for interaction with other services
  • Consumers
  • Component hosting
  • Connection configuration
  • Dependency substitution
  • Testing
  • Bundler-less runtime

# Funds Transfer Component

https://github.com/eventide-examples/funds-transfer-component (opens new window)

The funds transfer component demonstrates:

  • Everything covered by the account component
  • Coordination and workflows between multiple services
  • Use of another service's client library
  • Responding to replies from an external service

# Data Aggregation

(coming soon)

The data aggregation example demonstrates:

  • Account statement data aggregation in SQL from account events
  • Producing materialized views
  • Specialized idempotence patterns for data aggregation
  • Data command streams